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MASTER Building Components provides pole barn / post frame packages, components, and services to contractors, and LBM retailers across 36 states.

Our knowledgeable staff and comprehensive services are highly respected in the industry. Whether it is a personal project, or you are working with a client or customer, we make the process easier and faster for everyone.


New to Metal Roofing?

Read MASTER Building Components' Frequently Asked Questions and browse information on how to care for your metal roof.

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Services for All

MASTER Building Components provides quality materials and services at the lowest price possible to contractors, and LBM retailers in 36 states. Our comprehensive services are highly respected in the industry. We make the process easier and faster for everyone.

MASTER Building Components is here to save you time, money, energy and frustration!

Sales Support

Our highly trained, experienced sales support team can answer questions concerning pricing, material specifications, construction methods, and other technical assistance.

Sketches & Drawings

All barn packages come with a complete set of construction drawings. We provide three-dimensional sketches reflecting building dimensions, color selection, window/door placement, and upgrades.

Sketches are a great way to verify the look and feel of the barn with your customers before actual material manufacturing. It puts everyone on the same page and validates expectations for all parties. All our barns are designed to meet local building codes, including snow and wind loads.

Certified Building Plans Available in 36 States

Detailed construction drawings are provided with all building packages. Drawings can be certified for an additional fee. You will have the opportunity to select certified or uncertified drawings during the quoting process. We highly recommend stamped drawings anytime the building needs to have permits. It just makes the permit process so much easier!

We understand that some Builders/Customers may be leery about purchasing a complete pole barn package before the local building department has approved the drawings and issued permits. Our pre-purchased drawings program is designed to alleviate that concern. The cost of pre-purchased drawings will be credited at the time of the material package purchase.

Manufacturing & Sourcing

We strive to provide some of the best barn materials available today. Our painted metal siding is made from high-quality coils, custom rolled, formed and cut to meet our building specifications. Lumber, hardware, and fasteners are sourced from some of the best manufacturers and distributors in the United States. We are constantly looking for new and innovative products to offer you.

Packaging, Shipping & Delivery

Once all the materials are manufactured, sourced, selected, gathered and inspected, we package them all together on one truck or trailer to be transported to your building location. We off-load the package using a roller trailer or an all-terrain forklift. You get everything on one truck, at one time. No more ordering from multiple truss, metal, wood, hardware and fastener suppliers!

Project Coordination & Support

Along the way, you may have questions or require technical support. Your assigned Relationship Manager will coordinate the drawing approval process and the material delivery schedule with you and the shipping company. They will continue to be available throughout the construction process to answer material, drawing and construction questions. Though rare, they will also assist in resolving any issues that may arise.

Already Have Your Material List?

Please send us your barn material list. We will competitively quote the material price right away. You can pick up your materials that day or have it delivered within 72 hours (in a 100 mile radius of Dayton). Call us to get started at 937‑246‑1414.

Services for Contractors & Retailers

The never-ending chore of preparing accurate quotes is costly and takes up valuable time and resources. It has a way of frustrating you and your customer, but you can change that with MASTER Building Components’ online estimating tool.

Online Estimating Tool

Now you can prepare instant quotes for your customers in less than 10 minutes! Quotes are based on current MASTER pricing, plus your mark-up. In addition to inputting your desired mark-up (dollar value or percentage), and your labor cost (which does not show up as a separate line item), you will be able to print and/or email a copy of the quote to yourself and/or your customer.

The quote will include your name, address, and phone number, and may be locked in for 30-days; guarding against any material, fuel or other price increases.

There is no cost to register as a Contractor or Retailer and use our on-line estimating tool. Register now!


Stop doing sketches, construction drawings, material list and pricing for barns you’ve not sold or won the deal? You don’t need them to prepare a quote. Let us show you how.

Stop doing all that work 20 times before you finally win a deal. Let your competitors do it! Better they waste time and money than you.

Your competitors take days, even weeks to prepare a quote for customers. Let us show you how to prepare accurate quotes in less than 10 minutes! Quotes that you can add as much or as little profit to as you see is necessary to win the deal. Quotes that include Free Delivery!

Focus your time and energy on the things that matter: marketing, closing the deal, and building the structure.

Let Master Building Components do all the pricing, sketches, drawings (including certification), material list, sourcing, manufacturing, kit-packing, shipping and delivery. How much easier would your life be? How much bigger would your bank account be? How much happier would your employees and family be?!

Preferred Builders


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Terms and Conditions
  • Payment Terms
    • All payments are due NET30 or at time of order (credit approval required)
    • MASTER will accept cash, check, credit cards, or wire transfer
    • Declined checks are subject to a $50.00 NSF Fee
    • Tax-exempt certificates are required to be on file
  • Complete Barn Packages Include
    • Code Compliant Wood Trusses (4/12 Pitch, 4 O/C)
    • Treated Eave Post (8', 10', or 12' OC)
    • Treated Full-Length Gable Posts (Max 12' O/C)
    • 2x8 Treated Skirt Boards (1 Row)
    • 2x4 or 2x6 Wall Girts (24" O/C)
    • 2x4 Roof Purlins (24" O/C)
    • Code Compliant Top Girt Truss Carrier
    • Temporary Post Bracing
    • Truss Blocks
    • Treated Cleats at Base of Post for Uplift Protection
    • Precast Concrete Footers (Concrete Mix for Larger Buildings)
    • 29 Gauge Painted Galvalume Roofing, Siding, and Trim
      • 40-year Paint and 25-year Corrosion Warranty
      • Metal Trim Components
        • Ridge Cap
        • Foam Closure Strips under Ridge Cap
        • Gable Trim
        • Eave Trim
        • Outside Corner Trim
        • J-Channel
        • Rat Guard
        • Touch-Up Paint
        • 1-1/2" Painted Roofing and Siding Screws
        • 2" Painted Screws for Ridge Cap
        • 16D Framing Nails
        • 3” Galvanized Framing Nails
        • 40D Ring-Shank Truss Carrier Nails
        • 1-1/2" Rafter Tie Nails
        • Simpson H2.5 Rafter Ties
  • Material Replacement
    • It is the responsibility of the Retailer’s customer (“Owner”) to receive the barn package when it arrives
    • All materials must be counted and visually inspected immediately for missing or damaged material, and reported to MASTER within 24 hours of delivery
    • Any un-exposed damaged material must be reported within two weeks of delivery
    • MASTER utilizes reasonable measures and methods to replace missing and/or damaged materials
    • Material missing or damaged at the time of delivery will be replaced at MASTER's expense
    • Hidden missing or damaged material resulting from MASTER error and reported within two weeks of delivery will be replaced at MASTER's expense
    • All other material losses or damage will be replaced by MASTER at the Retailer’s request and expense
    • Any damage material claims must be supported with photo or video proof
    • MASTER cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft of materials occurring after delivery.
  • Documentation
    • Owner is responsible for checking and meeting all local building laws, regulations, and codes
    • MASTER highly recommends that the Owner pre-purchase drawings and acquire building permits prior to purchasing any pole barn package where permits are required
    • Pre-purchased drawing cost will be credited at the time of material purchase
    • MASTER will supply a barn rendering and a post layout of the barn with door and window locations, along with color selection for final Retailer’s approval ("Approval")
    • MASTER will not order the materials until the barn rendering and post layout have been Approved (by fax or email) by Retailer
    • No changes to the order can be made after Approval
    • Anytime you get the building department involved, you stand the chance of there being changes to the originally quoted barn. Our prices are based on generally accepted building principals. However, there are some jurisdictions have additional requirements. When this occurs, there may be necessary price changes.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • MASTER will use commercially reasonable efforts to make delivery within four (4) weeks from the date of approved layout
    • The Retailer understands that this delivery may be delayed due to factors outside of MASTER's control
    • In such an event, MASTER will keep the Retailer up to date with the expected delivery date
    • Deliveries are made utilizing up to a 70-foot-long tractor trailer
    • If desired placement for materials cannot be safely accessed by a tractor trailer, Retailer must provide an alternate safe placement location
    • Ultimately, placement of materials is at the full discretion of the delivery driver
    • Trucking Company uses commercially reasonable efforts to avoid any property damage, but some damage to Owner’s property might inadvertently occur
    • MASTER and/or Trucking Company shall not be held responsible for claims arising from minor damage to yards, driveways, fields, gardens, etc.
    • Trucking Company must be able to unload materials at the stated locations without obstruction within three (3) hours of arrival
    • Detention of the Trucking Company beyond the allotted time, whether due to lack of ingress/egress, space to unload, or other obstacles/limitations, will be subject to a $100 per hour fee
    • Retailer also releases MASTER and Trucking Company from all costs and damages caused by handling materials after delivery
  • Building Requirements
    • Material and components are provided in quantities and sizes to meet the specific needs of the barn as shown in MASTER provided construction drawings
    • It is imperative that the Owner builds the barn to MASTER’s specification as provided in drawings
    • Any deviation without MASTER's prior written approval will void any product warranty or responsibility for MASTER to provide replacement material
    • MASTER pole barn kits are based on a general knowledge of standard building codes
    • Owner is responsible for checking and meeting all local building laws, regulations, and codes
  • Refunds and Returns
    • Each and every pole barn package is custom designed and manufactured. With this in mind, there are limited opportunities for full refunds. We will do our very best to assist you in the event a refund or return is requested.
    • Our policy is to refund the entirety of your investment, less any costs incurred for professional fees and bank or credit card fees, within 24 hours of the Retailer’s approval of the design.
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